Monday 18 December 2017

Qatar National Day 2017 guide

On the 18th of December, Qatar will commemorate its 138th year since its unification in 1878. Qatar National Day is celebrated every year with various traditional activities and costume displays, military parade, fireworks, and Qatari flag displays all over the country. Organised by the National Day Committee, ‘Darb Al Saai’ festival tent will once again house all the memorabilia to commemorate the historical event.

18 December
Location: Al Corniche

National Day Parade from 3 pm – 4 pm


As part of the Qatar National Day 2017 celebrations, the Organizing Committee of the Associated Activities of Qatar National Day 2017 Celebrations, in association with Ministry of Interior will hold mega cultural and sports events in collaboration with Asian expatriate communities, schools and companies on 18 December 2017 from 2:40 pm–10 pm.

  • Cultural and musical performances by eight Asian community (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Sri Lankan, Filipino, Indonesian and Malaysian) teams
  • Performances by more than 6000 Students from 18 Asian Schools
  • 7 Venues (Asian Town, Cricket Stadium, Labour City, Barwa Baraha, Rayyan Sports Club, Wakra Sports Club and Barwa Workers Recreation Complex, Al-Khor)
  • More than 200,000 audiences expected from various communities
  • Qatari thematic shows by 18 school teams, community and company teams
  • International Cricket Tournament with international players from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh
  • Musical concert by 14 renowned artists from Pakistan at Wakra Sports Club
  • 4 Asian Orchestra teams
  • Harley Davidson motor bikes and Mawater classic cars shows
  • 2 km long fun run by Filipino Community with 2000+ contestants
  • Programs start at 2:40 pm on Monday 18 December 2017 in all venues except Rayyan Stadium where the Fun run of Filipino community will start at 1 pm
  • Free blood sugar screening for 16,000 workers within 8 hours at Asian Town


9–20 December
Location: Darb Al Saai
Timings: 8 am–noon and 4 pm–10 pm

Highlights include:

  • Al Maqtar: Traditional tents that demonstrates local traditions, life in the desert and family values
  • Al Bidaa: A traditional mini marine environment that presents the old neighbourhood next to the beach.
  • Al Shaqab Horse Dressage: Showcase of elegant Arabian horses and horseback-riding by jocks in traditional suits
  • National Service: Activities and games related to military services
  • The Rail: A small train that tours around the whole Darb Al Saai area
  • Al Fereej: Arabic word for neighbourhood, Fereej showcases way of life of local community and families
  • Al Doha:
  • Qatar Foundation: A tent that exhibits educational and entertainment activities offered by the institution
  • MoI Qatar: A special tent where you can find different services and equipment the local Ministry has, with interactive activities for kids
  • Civil Defence: Fire drill and first aid interactive learning and more
  • Al Ezba: A house for camels from grooming to taking care and riding.
  • Ministry of Health: Learn about Qatar’s initiatives related to taking care of health and sickness prevention.
  • Al Nasa Shooting: Practice target shooting using bow and arrow, shotgun and rifle.
  • Al Liwan: Arabic word for long hall to welcome guests
  • Souq Waqif: Free standing market selling products of Qatari local projects and aims to familiarise the community with local products.
  • MMUP: A tent for the Ministry of Municipal and Urban Planning
  • Elmeez: Provides a network of restaurants and stalls to allow visitors to taste different foods and popular cuisine.
  • Almaseer

The Pearl Qatar_Qatar National Day 2017 Events in Qatar Doha

United Development Company (UDC), master developer of The Pearl-Qatar, has completed decorating the island and has lined up several social events and recreational activities to celebrate Qatar National Day.

The island-wide celebrations will take place from 15 till 18 December 2017, from 6 pm till 10 pm in 6 and 7 La Croisette, Porto Arabia.

During the four-day event, Arabic-style tents serving dates and traditional coffee will open their doors to residents and visitors while children will enjoy dedicated spaces to play and color their faces with National Day inspired designs.

Mascots portraying traditional cartoon characters, falcons on display and henna drawings are only some of the other activities that will mark National Day celebrations on the island.

Folkloric ‘Arda’ performances, which have long marked UDC’s National Day celebrations, will take center stage as children partake in military parades that evoke feelings of patriotism and loyalty to the country’s wise leadership.

(Source: Marhaba)

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  1. The State of Qatar celebrates 'Happy Qatar National Day' on December 18 each year, which commemorates the country's unification in 1878.