Monday 22 February 2016

An ode to my love

An Ode to My Love

By Chaitra Arjunpuri

He was calm outside
Deep, very deep inside
He welcomed me
With his open and gentle waves,
With broad and milky white smile,
And promises and hopes.

He taught me to swim
He made me to forget everything,
Even the world
I saw a new world in him
And thought,
He too saw a world in me!

I was about to drown,
Drown in his love
What’s that? 
Suddenly, one of his high tides
Threw me ashore
For reasons only known to him…

I could not reach him anymore,
I waited on the shore
Longing for him day and night
Asking him questions,
‘Why did you throw me away from you?’
I waited for his reply
‘What was my mistake?’
I begged him
Waiting for his answers
All I got was his silence,
Killing silence…
I cried, I screamed
No, my questions remained
His silence remained
A riddle…

Now, I sought 
Reunion or Death,
The latter came easily.
Hovering over the sky
There came an eagle
Smiling all the while
At my plight 
Before I could say anything,
He swooped down on me
Holding me firmly in his claws
I looked down, 
He remained silent,
Not a single word… 
My last tear fell on the ground
And he gently swept it
I smiled at him for the last time

With unanswered questions
Buried in My heart
I flew with my new master
Who feasted on me
With all pleasure and 
Made me his part!

ps: The first and last poem I ever wrote in English, somewhere between 2004 and 2005, for the man who meant the whole world and without whom I couldn't imagine my life...

Sunday 14 February 2016

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Monday 1 February 2016

Book review: Wildflower

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