Wednesday 27 December 2017

Blind woman who predicted 9/11, Brexit, ISIS had two stunning prophecies for 2018

The old mystic lady known as Baba Vanga has taken the world with the storm with her amazing prophecies for the upcoming new year that is standing just at the doors. People who follow her believe that her prophecies will come true and change the world for good. As per the reports, she has predicted that China will replace the USA as the supreme power of the world and scientists will find a new source of energy from lurking in Venus.

The 85-year-old Bulgarian lady who died in August 1996, is revered in Russia for her unprecedented capabilities of seeing the future and foretelling the future events correctly with exceptional details. She was the one who predicted 9/11 attack, Brexit tragedy, rise of terrorism through ISIS, death of Indira Gandhi, the tsunami of 2004, Barack Obama’s Presidential term, and much more.

While foretelling the 9/11 tragedy, she said that two steel birds would attack the American brethren. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be flowing. Similar events happened during the attack when two aeroplanes crashed into the World Trade Centre. Regarding the Brexit tragedy, she said that Europe would cease to exist by the end of 2016 and on ISIS issue she forecasted that Europe would get attacked by the extremist Muslim army.

Seeing her past record of predictions with over 85 percent accuracy, her followers believe that prophecies for 2018 will also come true. Trends also suggest that we are heading in the directions predicted by the Baba Vanga as US economy is on the decline and economy of China is continously rising at an unprecedented pace. In 2015 the US provided 16.7 percent of the world’s economy which is expected to fall by 14.9 percent in 2025. While China was mere 4.1 percent of the total world’s economy back in 1970, but it grew to 15.6 in 2015. Since the difference in both the major world economies is just 1 percent, the switch might take place in the upcoming year.

While talking about her second major prediction for 2018, NASA is planning to send a Parker Solar Probe to the Sun in July next year which will use Venus’s gravitational pull to fly past the Sun several times. Scientists believe that we cannot negate the possibilities of finding new form energy on the hottest planet of our solar system. What’s striking is that the mission was scheduled to launch in 2015 but to some technical issues mission was postponed till 2018 which enables the event to fall in line with the blind lady’s prophecies.

The lady also known as Nostradamus from the Balkans predicted her date of death and before meeting her mighty end, she told the future happenings till 51st century to her followers. If Baba Vanga’s prophecies come true then we will suffer from global hunger in 2028, polar ice will melt between 2033 and 2045 which will lead to sea level rise and lower regions will dip into water (scientists predict the same after evaluating the effects of global warming), we will set up colonies on Mars by 2256 and in 3005 the war on mars will change the trajectory of the planet. By the year 2130, we will live under water with the help of aliens and in 2341 will become Earth unhabitable forcing us to permanently shift to the red planet.

She even predicted that we would be able to decode the time travel between 2262 and 2304. By 3797, everything on earth will die, and we will move to the new star system. According to her forecast between 4302 to 4674, human and aliens will understand each other and 5079 the universe will end.

(Source: Te Cake)

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