Saturday 15 August 2015

Tuesday 11 August 2015

The day the relationships changed forever...

It was August 3, 2014, the biggest day, a very remarkable one... the one that changed the relationships, the one that showed who are our dear and near ones... It was the day which showed who wore a mask and pretended love... It was the day I had been longing to celebrate for the seven long years since my wedding... Yes, it was the day I had my baby shower :)

With it come many good and bad memories gushing... Let me start off with the good ones: when my parents learnt that my hubby's family refused to conduct a baby shower for me, giving silly excuses, they quickly organized things within a short period of time, merely 5 days. They arranged for a small function and as expected all the food was of my choice, preggo's cravings of course!

Friends and relatives were so happy and some were surprised that it was conducted by my parents instead of in-laws. Though one or two relatives checked the reason, in general, most of them thought that my in-laws have passed away, as a baby shower is conducted by a girl's family only when her in-laws are dead! Yes, DEAD!!!

My family was expecting this little bundle of joy after a gap of nearly three decades... After my younger brother's birth, my family was more than eager to welcome my little monk. Though tiring, I enjoyed all the rituals, as I did not have proper rituals during my wedding (the bane of marrying a Mallu and the wedding was over within a fraction of second)!

More than 300 people attended the function and showered their blessings and presents on me and my baby. All the relatives loved the saree and the necklace presented by my hubby and mom was more than happy to gift me a saree and four bangles.

What more, I had a lovely day and friends kept pouring in till late night to wish me on the occasion. Indeed, an unforgettable day in my life. My little monk was happy, I was happy, my parents, brother, hubby, relatives, friends were all happy...

And at the end of the day, I realised how shallow some relationships are and how mean and selfish people can be. They lecture values and importance of relationships to others, but fail to practice themselves. Afterall, all cannot become Ramakrishna Paramahamsa... They merely preach without practicing, they pretend without loving, they treat others like shit and expect to get a royal treatment for themselves...

Thankfully, neither I nor my baby have to depend on them for anything, not even for their fake love. They say babies can feel everything even when they are in the womb and I'm sure my baby has felt the same hatred for those people. Like how Abhimanyu learnt things about warfare when he was in the womb, my baby has heard and understood who have showed him the real love and who have faked it, who have welcomed him to the world and who have questioned his origin!!!

Saturday 1 August 2015