Sunday 23 December 2018

KGF Chapter 1 Movie Review: Sloppy writing spoils Yash's intriguing gangster drama

Director Prashanth Neel's KGF starring Yash is a riveting gangster drama that goes wrong in many places. 

Kannada star Yash is completely new to Kollywood. But the support that his film KGF got in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi made sure that KGF had the potential to be a great film in multiple languages.

KGF did manage to surprise the audience with its brilliant 'mass' sequences and its fascinating story. However, the film looks so dragged and over-stretched that viewers lose patience.

The gangster film's story is about a young boy named Rocky, who wants to achieve greatness by thrashing goons ruthlessly. Yash feels this way because his family, which is hit by poverty, couldn't enjoy even the simplest of things, let alone saving the life of his mother. At her deathbed, Rocky's mother asks him to die only once he is famous, so that people know who he is. The story of KGF then goes on to trace how Rocky becomes invincible.

Director Prashanth Neel's story is fascinating to listen to and the impressive visuals add to the film's intensity. However, the film moves at lightning speed and you seem to lose track of what is happening in the world of KGF.

In the first half, a dozen characters are introduced and it's all confusing to follow. In addition to that, every scene is cut in such a way that it moves forward within a few milliseconds, which is definitely not pleasant on the eyes. Add to it the film's ridiculous Tamil dubbed dialogues, which spoil the intense moments at times.

Yash owns the film and shoulders KGF with his extraordinary performance. You take a look at him and instantly you know that this guy will do the impossible and pull people out of their misery.

In several interviews, Yash has repeatedly said that SS Rajamouli's Baahubali inspired him to distribute KGF in different languages. Even though KGF has a universal theme, it gets lost in translation, thanks to sloppy editing and atrocious dialogues.

These dialogues do not make the kind of impact it should, which is one of the disappointing factors in KGF. Also, the first half of KGF is spent entirely on establishing Rocky as the powerful don, again and again.

A major portion of KGF also preaches how ruthless the people ruling the Kolar Gold Fields are. Rocky uses his intelligence to become the messiah of people suffering in the Kolar Gold Fields.

A gangster drama like KGF doesn't require a heroine who falls in love with the rowdy hero at all. Her portions don't add any value to the story. There are many such scenes which slow down the pace of the film.

The editing by Srikanth is incoherent; especially the transition between Rocky's flashback and present portions. The screen blacks out every few minutes and you get a headache sitting through it.

KGF had some brilliantly choreographed stunt sequences that will wow you. The slo-mo shots used in the action blocks elevate the feel of the movie. Especially, the well-shot climax scene. So much so, that you're in awe of Rocky.

Director Prashanth Neel's KGF starring Yash is a riveting gangster drama that goes wrong in many places, says our review.

3 out 5 for KGF.

(Source: India Today)

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