Friday 28 December 2018

Qatar skies to see world’s largest kite fly in record attempt

World’s largest kite will be flown in Qatar on Saturday in an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

The kite is made in the colours of Qatar national flag with a picture of the Amir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

The kite named “Al Majd kite” (The glory kite) is the brainchild of Qatari poet Hussain Al Khayarin.  The massive kite, which measures 2,673 square metres, was tested in Beijing, China.

The kite’s height is 66 metres and width 40.5 metres Al Khayarin told The Peninsula yesterday.

The kite was tested in Beijing, China. Video still

The kite will be flown on Saturday, December 29, 2018, at Al Daayen beach after Dhuhr prayer, in the presence of officials from Guinness Book of Records.

“This initiative is part of my dream to enter Qatar’s name in Guinness Book through some work related to the Qatar National Day. I am trying to make this dream come true by flying the largest kite in the skies of Doha carrying Qatar flag and the image of the Amir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani,” Al Khayarin tweeted yesterday.

“The idea came to my mind with the siege imposed on Qatar last year, where I tried in July after one month of the siege to do something that carries the name of Qatar high in the sky.

“For this purpose I made one kite measuring 120 square metres. The kite was launched on December 24, last year as an experimental step in collaboration with India technical team", he said. The event was attended by crowds of public and media.

The launch on Saturday will be attended by many interested guests and experts from Australia, New Zealand, India and other countries, along the Guinness World Record team, local and foreign media and will be open for the public.

“I was wishing to launch the kite during the National Day, but for technical reason and Guinness Book requirements we could not do it. As well National Day event is full of activities.”

During the launch small kites with picture of H H the Amir, Qatari flag and motto of the National Day will be distributed among kids coming with their families to see the launch, Al Khayarin explained. The minimum time required for the kite to stay in the sky is 20 minutes and I hope the weather will be convenient for that on Saturday, he added. 

Al Khayarin who is also poet, and holds a degree from the Sorbonne, MA on political science from UK, has launched around ten initiatives since the imposition of the siege on Qatar on June 5, 2017.

On the other hand, Al Khayarin pointed out that kite as sport is very popular in Far East, Europe and America and it is not much known in this region.  In 2005, Kuwait achieved the highest record with kite’s area of 950sqm which was launched during its national day celebration in Kuwait.  He added that China made in 2013 a kite with area of 1200 sqm but failed to meet Guinness’s requirement and hopefully Qatar will achieve world record this year.

(Source: The Peninsula)

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