Friday 28 December 2018

This kid myth-busted the history of Christopher Columbus to his teacher and it's amazing

This kid is brilliantly setting the record straight on Christopher Columbus.

When King Johnson studied 'the man who discovered America' (for contemporary Europeans, anyway) at school, he wrote about the lesson in a journal entry.


King's blistering lesson review quickly went viral.
King immediately hit off with a blunt point about the standards of teaching that day.

Today was not a good learning day.

Blah blah blah i only wanted to hear you not talking

He went on to make a salient point - that a better Christopher to celebrate would be Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G.

You said something wrong and i can't listen when I hear lies.

My mom said that tho only Christofer we acknowledge is Wallace.

Then he hits the teacher with some hard facts.

Columbus didn't find our country the Indians did.

Not one to throw away the opportunity to kick back at home, he did say he still wanted the holiday off.

I like to have Columbus day off but I want you to not teach me lies.

That is all.

My question for the day is; how can white people teach black history?

To the teacher's unimpressed comments scrawled in red pen, he simply replied:


The teacher might not have been impressed - but everyone else was.

King now has an Instagram page, run with the help of his mum.
Who is clearly bringing her son up the right way.

On the page, they shared part of a response from a teacher who was impressed by his journal entry.

And King's already got more Instagram game than you.

All hail the King.

(Source: The Independent

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