Wednesday 22 April 2020

Indian origin man is feeding 24,000 families in Kenya amid lockdown, let’s Salute him

Amid the lockdown which was imposed to prevent the spread of the epidemic, which has claimed more than lakhs of people’s lives, an Indian-origin safari operator based in Kenya is feeding thousands of families there.

Pankaj Shah had started the initiative after he felt heartbroken to see people starving and struggling to live.

“People were getting hungry and angry,” Shah told Reuters.

As per news agency Reuters, Shah started communicating with citizens who were really interested in helping the less fortunate ones in this crisis. Luckily, a local school which was shut down due to the coronavirus epidemic had offered their campus premises as headquarters.

Kenya’s Asian community, which was officially acknowledged as the country’s 44th tribe three years ago, came altogether to contribute in every possible way. They even brought cheques and truckloads of food that could not be transported owing to the suspension of flights.

Meanwhile, the volunteers named “Team Pankaj”, have sent out 24,000 packages of food since March 22. Each hamper comprises enough food to last a family of five people for up to two weeks.

“One old woman told us she hadn’t eaten for days – her sons had stopped supplying her because they have no work,” Shah told Reuters. Pankaj Shah finds his spirit for community service from his idol Mother Teresa whom he says he met decades ago in Nairobi.

Shah is now urging wealthy Kenyans to do their bit to donate 4,000 Kenya shillings (Rs 2,890) for the food packages alone. He had also pointed out that amount is about the cost of two pizzas and a bottle of wine.

“I just need half the rich people here to care enough to fund a hamper,” he added in a statement.

It has been learnt that lorries full of food were sent for distribution in Deep Sea slum last week only. Pregnant woman and those with babies were also assisted by the volunteers.

(Source: The Youth)

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