Sunday 27 January 2019

Guide to Traffic Violations and their Prices in Qatar 2018

In the interest of the General Directorate of Traffic in Qatar on the safety of citizens on the road, it has issued a guide to traffic violations in the State of Qatar. This guide contains a definition of traffic violations, traffic points system, classification of driving licenses, neglected motor vehicle laws and some controls for motorcycles, trailers, road violations and other matters included in this guide.

The guide is designed to suit citizens, as it contains photographs showing violations and the price of fines and penalties for each violation. The reason for this is to aware citizens about the traffic law and violations and its prices. This plays a key role to reduce the traffic violations and preserve the safety and lives of everybody.

The guide also includes violations such as driving license violations, vehicle registration and license violations, violations of bicycles, speed, pedestrians, official processions, truck and accident violations, etc.

Some traffic violations in Qatar and their prices: 

Wrong practices violations on the road:

Violations of parking in places reserved for people with special needs:
The lack of respect for people with special needs and the places allocated to them through parking the car in the place allocated to them or stand up for a period of time is a traffic violation requires the perpetrator to pay a fine of 1000 QAR.

Running the red light:
The red-light pass is a crime of attempted murder because of the considerable loss of life and money. The price of this traffic violation is 6000 QAR.

Not reducing the speed when approaching the pedestrian corridor:
It is necessary to reduce the speed before reaching the pedestrian corridor, crowded places, turns, bridges, tunnels or when approaching hospitals for not causing accidents. The price of not reducing the speed when approaching the pedestrian corridor or one of the above mentioned places is 2000 QAR.

Standing on the sidewalks:
It is known that the sidewalk is for pedestrians, not cars, and standing on the sidewalk endangers others. Standing on the sidewalks is a traffic violation of 300 QAR.

Passing from the right:
Passing the vehicles from the right is considered a violation of the very serious accidents caused by the attack on the rights of others. The price of this violation is 1000 QAR.

Driving slowly:
Driving slowly is also a traffic violation not just driving fast. The best thing is to abide by the speed limit. Driving slowly would interrupt traffic and this violation's price is 300 QAR.

Putting children under the age of 10 in front seats:
This behavior endangers children's lives; the price of this violation is 500 QAR.

Using mobile and sending messages:
Mobile use is a dispersion that hinders the concentration of the driver and increases the possibility of committing traffic violations, the price of this violation is 500 QAR.

Not wearing a helmet while driving a bike:
Both the passenger and the driver are required to wear the appropriate helmet, and the price of this violation is 300 QAR.

Disturbing road users:
One of the annoyance of some youths is the load music in cars. The price of the violation is 3000 QAR.

There is a system of points in traffic violations in Qatar:

The driver's license shall be withdrawn from the driver in the event that the violation is proven and the period of withdrawal of the license shall be according to the number of points he owns from the violations:

• 14 points for the first time: the license is withdrawn for 3 months.
• 12 points for the second time: it will be withdrawn for 6 months.
• 10 points for the third time: it will be withdrawn for 9 months.
• 8 points for the fourth time: it will be withdrawn for one year.
• The license will be completely withdrawn at the fifth time if the total number of points is 6.

(Source: QMotor)

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