Monday 21 October 2019

10-yr-old student earns praise after refusing to answer ‘offensive’ math problem about girls’ weight

In a picture of the answer shared online by the proud parent, Rhythm encircle the question and wrote "what!!!!" adding that, "This is offensive. Sorry I won't right [write] this it's rood [rude]."

A fourth-grade student from Utah is winning hearts online after she refused to solve an ‘offensive’ maths problem that asked students to compare girls’ weights. Her answer on the worksheet refusing to solve the sum stating her reason and a note to her teacher explaining her concern are going viral.
Rhythm Pacheco is winning hearts online after standing up for things she strongly believes in.

Rhythm Pacheco, a Grant Elementary School in Murray, recently was given a homework where a question involving body-weight of girls made her uncomfortable as she thought it was very rude. The problem read, “The table to the right shows the weight of three Grade 4 students. How much heavier is Isabel than the lightest student?”

In a picture of the answer shared online by the proud parent, Rhythm encircle the question and wrote “what!!!!” adding that, “This is offensive. Sorry I won’t right [write] this it’s rood [rude].”

The 10-year-old also went ahead and wrote a note to her teacher explaining why she couldn’t answer the question. “Dear Mrs. Shaw, I don’t want to be rude, but I don’t think that math problem was very nice because that’s judging people’s weight. Also, the reason I did not do the sentence is cause I just don’t think that’s nice. -Love Rhythm”

Speaking to Today, her mother Naomi said, “Rhythm’s dad and I were extremely proud of Rhythm for listening to her gut instincts and standing up for what is right. Rhythm’s teacher was so responsive and handled the situation with such care. She told her she understands how she would be upset about this and that she didn’t have to write out the answer.”

People on social media praised the little girl for “standing up for the things she believed in”, while a few others lashed out at the publishers who curated the assignments.

“I was shocked… I was shocked, honestly,” Naomi told Fox News about the homework question. “I feel like it’s such an irresponsible way to teach children how to do math,” Naomi said.

\After the girl went viral and it raised concerned among many parents online about the kind of questions through which children learn these days, Eureka Math, the company that provides core educational materials to the girl’s school district, released a statement regarding the questionable math problem.

“User feedback is a vital part of our culture; we are grateful to receive constructive feedback from students, teachers, and parents alike,” said the statement. “We apologize for any discomfort of offense caused by the question. Please know that we will replace this question in all future reprints, and suggest that teachers supply students with an appropriate replacement question in the interim.”

(Source: The Indian Express)

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