Wednesday 15 January 2020

The rudest place names in Britain and Ireland

Naming a place, location or village can be a pretty tough task if you're starting from scratch.

You want it to be something memorable but not so ridiculous that it becomes a joke.

It's doubtful that we'll ever get asked to name a new town or even a little country lane, but even so we definitely wouldn't settle on a name like Curry Mallet, Loose Bottom or New Invention.

If those weren't amusing enough the talented folks over at reddit's r/MapPorn have shared with us with another selection of Britian and Ireland's obsession with funny place names.

Posted by reddit user Tartington, via The Poke, the map includes classics like Shitterton and Cockermouth, plus others we weren't aware of like Hackballscross and Wetwang.

Seriously, who actually thought naming a place Cum was a good idea?  

Replies to the post suggested some other unfortunate names that wouldn't have been out of place on the map.

You can't make it up.

(Source: indy100)

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