Monday, 7 November 2011

Sky View in Meghalaya – Day 6

Sky View is a 85-feet bamboo structure -- resembling a tree house -- made by the villagers, which offers a bird's eye view of the village and a panoramic view of Bangladesh plains. I loved walking on these narrow pathways surrounded both side by trees and flowering plants.

On the way, we found a huge rock with a dent created by rainwater. Did I mention that the village name in Khasi means “A Dent or Cavity On The Rock”? Yes, ‘Mawlynnong’ in Khasi means a dent on the rock.
There were so many orchids dangling from the trees and hedges, adding to the beauty of the village.

After reaching the sky view, we waited for others to come down, as the Khasi woman sitting guard told us that only five can go at a time. It was a bamboo bridge leading people to the bamboo platform built on the highest branches of the area. Hats off to the smart design and craftsmanship, it was outstanding. Though the structure looked rickety it was very strong and safe to walk. Bamboo canes were tied together with the help of cane ropes to make the pathway. Surprisingly, not even a single iron nail was used there. We walked carefully holding the bamboo railings of the bridge with both the hands.
Sky View

Steep climbing...

Plains of Bangladesh seen from the top...
After reaching the highest point we saw the plains of Bangladesh. The platform was swaying with the wind and Vij was too scared to stand there for more than five minutes. The platform was standing on the branches of five to six trees. When we looked down, we saw nothing but the surrounding tree tops.

We came down carefully and walked towards the village.

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