Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Balancing Rock in Meghalaya– Day 6

Once back on the road, we saw Balancing Rock called ‘Mawryngkew Sharatia’ (Maw means stone; ryngkew means earth; Sharatia means name of the god). The rock was just a few metres away from Mawlynnong.

Balancing Rock
The rock defies logic and science. The boulder was black, long, huge and massive. When we looked at its base, we saw that it perched atop a very small foundation, totally balanced. We wondered how gravity really works. Earlier, the Khonjee clan (one of the Khasi tribes) used to offer sacrifice and do ‘puja’ here. After their conversion to Christianity, this place fell into disuse. Now, only tourists visit this rock.

We were tired and returned to Shillong. And on the way, most of us fell asleep. After reaching the hotel, we took rest for a while, before going for shopping at Police Bazar, as it remains open till 8-8.30 pm.

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