Friday, 4 November 2011

Seven Sisters Falls in Meghalaya- Day 5

On the way, we tried our luck and saw Seven Sisters Falls. The waters of Seven Sisters Falls, also known as Nohsngithiang Falls and sometimes as Mawsmai Falls, cascading down for over 700 feet to join the swift river below left an indelible impression on us. The falls is around 7-8 km from Sohra.

Don't know what Umer is telling Sajid and why Sajid is looking at him like that...

The mist covering the hillocks in the gorge below the falls and the distant sparkling expanses of water over the plains of Bangladesh provided a view of unparalleled beauty. Had we visited during the monsoon between late September and early October we would have got to see the falls in its full vigour. Clouds and fog kept playing havoc in between. So we took what photographs we could and proceeded onwards.

Umer with his signature smile...

Seven Sisters Falls on a clear day
Everybody was tired and it was a quiet journey back to Shillong. In the night, others left for shopping and I didn’t accompany them as it was Ganesh Chaturthi and I’m afraid of seeing the moon on that day ;)

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