Thursday, 3 November 2011

Kynrem Falls in Meghalaya- Day 5

The Kynrem waterfalls from distance drenched our souls and caught our attention with its sheer beauty. At Thangkharang Park we walked to its edge to see the highest waterfall of Meghalaya and the seventh highest in India, Kynrem Falls, cascading in three stages from a height of 305 metres (1,001 ft) from the top of a hill. When looked down, we saw a narrow road cutting through the belly of the verdant hills and the road looked like a line scratched on a drawing sheet.

Kynrem Falls seen from Thanghkarang Park

Kynrem Falls

Kynrem Falls was delicately flowing relaxing us and mesmerizing us with its intricate beauty. The impossibly scenic location in which it was situated, where its settings looked every bit a part of the natural beauty, added to the grandeur.

The unusual cascade in three stages left an impression as a result of its strange beauty. No two falls are the same. So, “Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all” theory doesn’t hold good to waterfalls. With the diversity of nature’s grace, we are guaranteed a different experience with each waterfall we see. In fact, we get a different experience with the same waterfall depending on the weather, flow, circumstance, etc. So we never get tired of visiting waterfalls and we long to see new and different ones each opportunity we get.

We thought of leaving the place as it was already evening and we had not had any lunch in the afternoon. Before reaching Shillong, we stopped at Coniferous Resort to have something.
Coniferous Resort

Coniferous Resort

Had it been a nice place, I would have dedicated a separate post. But no, let me finish in a few lines. The food was horrible. We ordered for Veg pulav, Chicken pulav, Mushroom curry, Mixed noodles and trust me I had never tasted such a horrible food anywhere. No salt, no spice, oil was smelling fish and totally it was a mess. You won’t believe, Mushroom curry was not like our curries. Mushrooms were just boiled in water and along with that water it was served in a bowl. After having 3-4 spoons, I stopped eating. Within 2-3 minutes, even Vij, Umer, Sajid and Shahid also came out. All they said was “Only the saunf was good!”

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