Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Ka Khoh Ramhah or Motrop in Meghalaya-Day 5

Whoever had been to this region would have definitely fallen in love with its beauty. Looking the flat plains of Bangladesh from this view point was amazing. The place is around 15 km from Sohra.

Ka Khoh Ramhah or Motrop is an imposing single rock formation in the shape of a giant cone. There is a story behind the name of this rock. Locals believe it to be the Khoh, a traditional Khasi conical basket, of a giant called Ramhah who used to wreak havoc in the nearby villages. The people had their revenge by feeding him broken glasses and ground iron pieces along with his meal.
Plains of Bangladesh

The sight of this magnificent stone in the background of plains and meandering outlines of great rivers of Bangladesh is breathtaking.

Umer with his eternal smile :)

Then we went to Thangkharang Park which was around 2-3 km from Motrop.

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