Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mesaieed Beach in Qatar

Yet another popular beach in Qatar is Mesaieed, which is about 40 km south of Doha. We took the Al Wakra Road to Mesaieed following the signboard. 

After passing the last chemical plant, we took a left turn and the road eventually led us to the beach. Even though the road is rough and battered after the commercial area, it does not demand a 4WD! 

Even the surface area around the beach is hardened enough and it is easy to drive any car to within a few meters from the waterline.

As we came out of the car, we spotted a few young boys doing stunts on their quad bikes. Then we saw that jetskis, quad bikes and dune buggies are available for hire there. 

I think it is most popular because it has a combination of waters port and desert-sand dune activities.

We went there for the first time in February and it readily served the purpose of a picnic spot and a great weekend getaway spot. But the place is always crowded as it makes a great place for swimming, even for children, thanks to the shallow water. 

We found the place to be very windy. The dunes nearby make a perfect spot for adventurous dune activities and we saw some dune bashing. We just watched people driving on the dunes, bravo it requires a lot of guts and experience to drive on the dunes! 



We had taken enough water and snacks as we had heard there is no other place to get them other than the Sealine Beach Resort which is nearby and it was not on our itinerary.

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