Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Driving Schools in Qatar Face Closure

Some driving schools may be asked to close down soon by the Traffic Department, says a report published in the local daily Al-Watan quoting an interview from the department’s monthly magazine. 

The head of the committee assessing the operations of the driving schools, Brig. Mohammad Abdur Rahim Marafi said in the interview that the decision to order the closure of these schools is mainly because of their non-compliance with the new regulations under the traffic bye-laws that came into effect last year.

An inspection team from the department visited all the schools and made out a report detailing the changes to be carried out in facilities and operational methods by each school. They were granted one year as grace period which ended in July this year. Those who have not taken action so far are being asked to close down, he said.

Among the main prerequisites under the new regulations is that each school should be equipped with adequate number of simulators that provide a realistic imitation of the controls and operation of a vehicle.

(Source: Gulf Times)


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