Friday, 9 December 2016

Teach some telephone manners to this woman!

Woman calls an old man and the driver picks the call. 

Woman: Hello

Driver: Hello

Woman: Is my boss's father there? 

Driver doesn't reply, but shouts from there itself, "sir, sir, call for you!"

Old man: Hello

Woman: Hello sir, it's me!

Old man: Oh, is that you? I thought some important call and came running!

Woman: Yes sir. It's me, the driver didn't even ask who was on the call and gave it to you!

Old man: (sounds miffed) You don't have manners to talk in the phone!

Woman: (confused) What?!

Old man: You don't have proper manners to talk over the phone. When you call a person, you should say who you are first...

Woman: If the driver had asked who it is, I would have told him then itself. 

Old man: That's not the manners. You were not given proper manners. You should first tell who you are, talk to my driver, enquire about his family...

Woman: (miffed) Maybe culture difference!

Old man: No, I have seen many others from your place, I have worked with them. All cultures are same, there's no difference...

Woman: (shocked) Oh!

Woman tries to argue, but the old man keeps shouting from the other side...

Old man: I know your character. You purposefully didn't talk to my driver. If you had a good character and good manners you would have done that...

Woman thinks, "oh, man! Am I a customer service agent who is calling to sell any product to say, 'Good morning sir. I'm so and so, calling you from the State Bank of India/ ICICI Bank/Union Bank/blah blah blah... Is it the right time to talk to you blah blah blah?'"

The old man shifts the topic from manners to character and the argument continues...

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