Sunday 23 January 2022

‘Bard Al Azariq’ - coldest days of the year - in Qatar

The ‘Bard Al Azariq’ days, which are the coldest days in Qatar, will begin on Monday, Qatar Calendar House (QCH) announced.

QCH said that the days will start from tomorrow, Monday, January 24, and will last until next Monday, January 31, and these eight days are considered the coldest days of the year.

Qatar has been experiencing relatively cold weather during the last few days with temperatures dipping below 10 degrees Celsius in some places early in the morning.  

As per Qatar Meteorology Department report temperatures were ranging between 9-14°C today morning and the lowest temperature recorded this morning was 6°C in Sawda Natheel.

Apparent temperatures ranging between 0 and 13 degrees Celsius was felt around Qatar early in the morning on January 22, 2022, with the lowest apparent temperature of -2.4 degree Celsius felt in Abusamra.

Difference between the actual temperatures and the apparent temperatures: Actual temperatures are those recorded by thermometers, while apparent temperatures are those felt by humans and are related to several factors, including atmospheric humidity and wind speed. The higher the wind speed in the winter, the greater the feeling of coldness.

(Source: The Peninsula)

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