Tuesday 20 August 2019

Promoting gender equality, Maharashtra textbooks now have women as cops, pilots and men as chefs

Generation, after generation of young minds, has looked at their textbooks and seen women in the kitchen and men in hard labour or office roles. One more common stereotype, inculcated in young minds is that the mom cooks in the kitchen while dad reads the newspaper in the living room.
(Old Textbook) Image Courtesy: Balbharati

But in today's India, we are striving hard to give all genders equal representation and shake those stereotypes. Breaking away from the regular stereotypes and regressive attitude, The Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum Research (popularly known as Balbharati) is doing away with old illustrations and text that can promote gender stereotypes in any form.
Image Courtesy: Balbharati

In their class II textbooks, they have revised and incorporated men and women sharing household chores and cleaning vegetables together. In another, a woman is shown as a doctor and as a traffic cop; while a man in one is shown as a chef and in one as ironing clothes. The books also show women as pilots and in the police force. Basically, no typecasting on the basis of one’s gender.
Image Courtesy: Balbharati

This is a welcome change and will help in making kids understand that there isn't anything called a particular gender role. Men, women, and the third gender all are capable of doing any task and be anything they wanna be! It is with these basic steps and instilling such equality-positive thoughts that we can mould a young mind to be more progressive. Kudos!

(Source: What Shot)

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