Wednesday 7 August 2019

After Article 370’s revocation, proud Ladakh MP delivers his speech in Parliament, says the only impact will be on two families

The BJP MP from Ladakh Jamyang Tsering Namgyal had put an end to infamous critics of Article 370’s revocation by declaring that the only impact will be on ‘two families’ who would lose source of income, means of support as a result.

Namgyal narrated how Ladakh has been fighting constantly for a Union Territory status for the last 71 years and also highlighted how the region never wanted to be a part of Kashmir.

Take a look at the copy of Namgyal’s landmark speech in the Lok Sabha:

He then alleged uncontrolled discrimination against Ladakh at the hands of the Kashmiri set up especially when it came to education and job opportunities.

“You misused Article 370 to drive out Kashmiri Pandits from the valleys, you tied to finish off the Buddhist population in the state, is this your secularism?”, questioned Namgyal.

“Ladakh wishes to become an unbreakable part of India”, Namgyal had mentioned indicating the region’s strong support for scrapping Article 370 and then went on to thank all the supporters of the bill.

This speech drew a staggering response from Lok Sabha members including the Home Minister Amit Shah.

(Source: The Youth)

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