Saturday 20 January 2018

Thermometer in world's coldest village breaks as temperatures plunge to -62C (-79.6F)

The temperature in a remote Siberian village was so low that the public thermometer broke down. The town, Oymyakon, is located in the east of the Russian Federation, and has recorded -62C (-79.6), before malfunctioning.

This is the lowest recorded temperature in an inhabited place on earth outside the Antarctic and cemented the village, in the Yakutia region, the coldest permanently-inhabited place on earth.

The thermometer in Oymyakon stopped working shortly after temperatures reached -62C CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@SIVTSEVA9452
Some locals even claimed the temperature had dipped to -67C (-88.6F) which is in touching distance of the record -67.7C (-89.86F).

However, the coldest temperature recorded on earth is -94.7C (-138.46F) and it was captured by a NASA satellite in east Antarctica.

Temperatures have become so cold in the Siberian region of Yakutia that people’s eyelashes have started to freeze when they venture outside CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@ANASTASIAGAV
Oymyakon has 50 permanent residents and its name means “non-freezing water” due to a nearby thermal spring. The village sits 750 meters above sea level and the length of its days vary from three hours in December to 21 hours in summer.

(Source: Daily Accord)

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