Monday 15 January 2018

Teen from UP creates 'rape-proof' underwear for women

With the society yet to cure itself from the ''epidemic'' of sexual abuse, women have been devising their own ways of protection from repeat harassers.

Anti-rape clothing and accessories, for instance, have been made in the past by quite a few brands, to make women feel safer and more equipped.

This time, Seenu Kumari, a young woman from Uttar Pradesh, has added yet another unique invention to the lot. The 19-year-old girl has created what is being called a ''rape-proof'' underwear.

So, what is this ''rape-proof'' underwear all about?

According to Kumari, this smart underwear is not only euipped with GPS but is also fitted with a smart lock. ''I have put a smart lock that won’t open till you key in the password. I have also installed an electronic device that is equipped with a gps and calling facility. When somebody tries to molest a woman, this device will send out messages to relatives of the woman and also to the police,” Kumari was quoted as saying by The Daily Mail.

The underwear is bulletproof and cannot be cut using a knife, revealed Kumari. A video camera is also installed in it to record the culprit's photo identity, she added.

The current prototype of the underwear has been sent to National Innovation Foundation in Allahabad for patenting.

(Source: India Today)

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