Friday, 24 July 2015

Yes, he's henpecked!

He's a proud henpecked husband. He is always attached to the strings of his wife's sari. He blindly follows her orders, no matter what. He has no self respect or self judgment. He believes the crow is white if wife says so, goes into petty quarrels if wife asks him to. He hates those who disobey his wife and outrightly calls them dirty, uncivilized and arrogant!

He can go to any extent to please his wife. He is under her control but advises his sons to control their wives, maybe wants to see at least his sons controlling their wives! He does all household chores to please his wife, but advises sons to make their wives to do all the household chores. He tells the world that sons do all the household chores while their wives laze around. He readily sheds crocodile tears when confronted, his and his wife's evergreen method of emotional blackmail that always makes sons to obey their orders.

He tells his friends and relatives how he and his wife treat all the sons and their wives equally, all are equal in his Animal Farm! But in reality, some are more equal than others... He loves the elder son, wife loves the younger son and he has no other go but to love the younger son, no matter what he does, even if that means bringing disgrace to his family.

He blames his son's wife if his son drinks alcohol, but supports consuming alcohol when he discovers  his wife supporting his relatives indulging in it, by saying drinking alcohol once in a while is good for health. He supports his wife, who thinks a woman is never pregnant if she doesn't suffer morning sickness and a woman can never have a miscarriage without back pain!

He loves to keep a tab on the activities of his sons and their wives, maybe because he couldn't do it on his wife as she was a Gulf widow! He wants sons to report everything to his wife, from earnings to savings to holidaying... He supports his wife when she says her son's wife should not visit her parents frequently, but she herself often visits her parental home. He says his sons should live together when he himself doesn't live together with his brothers.

He wants his wife to be a queen, controlling the household, including financial aspects, but wants all his sons to have a firm hold on the finances of their wives as well... He thinks once married, a girl is his family's property, that includes all her jewels, property and salary. He wants his sons' wives to be meek, silent and obedient to his and his wife's whims and fancies. He hates when others question his wife's decisions, after all, he's one henpecked husband and what more can one expect from him?!

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