Thursday, 23 July 2015

They hate me, but pretend to love my son!

They hate me and the funniest part is they pretend to love my son, who is my photocopy in looks and behavior! Is this what they say poetic justice?? Hmm, maybe... We cannot choose our parents and siblings, but we can definitely choose our husband and in-laws. If we are not careful in choosing a right soulmate our life is screwed, as 90 percent of our happiness and misery solely depends on this single decision. When I took a wrong decision and it was time to produce a child, all I could do was pray to Him that he never resembles anyone whom I hate. And He did answer my prayers by giving me a baby who completely resembles me and this is what their punishment could be. They hate to see me, but see what He did to them, he gave me a child who is my photocopy and every time they see him or pretend to shower love on him, they see my face in him! What I couldn't achieve in the past eight years has been achieved by my son in just 10 months... Since I and my son can never forget or forgive them for whatever they have done to us, we are thanking Him for giving us this opportunity. Yes, patience pays!

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