Thursday, 30 July 2015

Why I would age gracefully like my parents

As we age, we tend to develop unnecessary behavior and hurt not only ourselves but also our near and dear ones. Why not accept we are getting old, behave like one and live like one gracefully? Why not modify activities and lifestyle to make people around us live comfortably? I have seen my parents and maternal grandparents getting aged gracefully and I seriously wish I could follow their footsteps...

I wish to live in my own place to enjoy independence and privacy. I don't want to be a burden on anyone. If my children want to live separately, I'll respect their decision and would never compel them to live with us. I want them to enjoy their independence and privacy like how I do mine. 

I wish to hold on to my own bank deposits and assets and probably ask my spouse also to do the same if he wishes to. I don't want to depend financially on my children. Yes, I may spend lakes and lakes on their education and upbringing, but it's my duty and my dream to make them financially sound and independent. 

I don't want to depend only on my children's promises to care for us when we grow old as their priorities change with time. I would love to have my own alternatives as it is natural for children to move away from the place and home, maybe even away from country. 

I would love to expand my circle of friends to include those who will outlive us. Who knows, we may outlive our own friends?! 

I do not want to compare ourselves or our children with others. I don't expect anything from others as well. I don't want t embarrass myself and my children by comparing them or us with others.

Most importantly, I would never ever meddle in the life of my children. Let them live their life not ours, we have lived ours and I want them to live theirs now.

I don't want to use old age as my shield and justification to demand care, respect and attention from anyone, that includes my own children and grandchildren. I would dress modestly according to my age and would never compete with my children or grandchildren.

I would listen to what others say, but think and act independently. After all, the decision always lies in our hands. I would never get influenced by what others say about me or about my children, because I trust them as much as they trust me.

I have never begged, not even from God, but I have always sought his blessings and grace. So I would never beg anything from anyone, not even from my children. We get what we deserve.

And finally, I would never want to retire from life. I would love to do what I love to do till I die - read, read and read and write, write and keep writing... Because, I have miles to go before I sleep...

p.s: I have seen how my parents are following these simple tricks and are happy. They accept the simple fact that they are getting old, yes, truly old, which simply means they are not hiding their age by coloring their grey hair or visiting a beauty parlor for facials and massages! 

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