Monday 12 March 2012

Small fights can make marriage stronger, healthier

I stumbled upon a study in the UK which revealed that an average couple has 135 tiffs a year. I smiled at the report and wondered only 135?! There are 365 days in a year man! My hubby was surprised to learn that it’s not only we, but even others have arguments and tiffs everyday ;)

The survey said that couples spend 40 minutes a day on average arguing about household chores. The biggest cause of domestic dispute is leaving clothes strewn around the house. But neither I nor my hubby do that and we ruled out that cause in our life. And yes, still we had arguments and small fights!

I have heard my colleagues and friends telling me how they use their work as an excuse for not doing household chores, which ultimately led to arguments and fights. Though small things like not helping hubby to iron clothes or washing clothes, making dishes may not seem like serious crimes, domestic chores and household responsibilities often cause arguments in even the most stable of relationships.

More importantly, putting off home improvements, not fixing broken or faulty appliances, trying to conceal damage or spillages and leaving jobs half-finished or poorly completed can also turn into fights.

But we never fight for such things. We start fight when we either of us do not get holiday to go out, or unable to attend some parties or functions. I don’t remember how many times have we fought over these trivial issues. We fix the programme and at the last minute it would get cancelled, as I failed to get leave due to some emergency work at office :(

Then we both wonder if others also fight like us over such small issues and convince ourselves that it’s part of the life and everybody will have their own reasons to fight if not the same cause.

We both give enough space for each other and understand each other, fights may decrease, if not end completely. If there are no small tiffs and fights, life would become too monotonus and boring. Small tiffs can help make relationships and marriage stronger and healthier, given the couple understand each other better and love each other by every passing day.

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