Monday 12 December 2011

Old rule back, need sponsor's NoC to get DL in Qatar

The old rule is back when it comes to getting the driving licence in Qatar. If an expatriate has to join a driving school, he or she has to submit a no-objection certificate from his/her sponsor. When I went for the driving class, the rule had been repealed and now, it has been made an essential prerequisite to enroll for a driving course.

Recently, the traffic department also granted licences to seven new driving schools in Qatar, taking up the number of schools from nine to 16 across the country. December 31 would be the deadline to accept applications for new licences. The existing driving schools have already introduced many modifications to comply with the new traffic regulations. They have increased the number of theory lessons to up to 15 sessions in case of a full driving course of around 35 practical lessons.

Plus, most driving schools have also increased the course fee, ranging from QR2,200 to 2,600 for a full course. But I doubt if the increase in the course fee would deter applicants, as I see so many people in a driving school near my place. No wonder some schools will even have a waiting list of 30 days! But some schools make the applicants that they are not shelling out too much. They give more options for their students with an increase in the fees, such as female trainers for female trainees or selecting a specific driver depending on the nationality.

And I don’t think opening of new driving schools will affect the already existing schools, as the number of people coming to the country is increasing with the economic boom and they would definitely need a driving licence. Moreover, this may make the schools to be more innovative in attracting new customers and reduce fee due to the market competition.

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