Friday 16 September 2022

State of Qatar gets new emblem

HE Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdul Aziz Al Thani, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior unveiled the new national emblem of the State of Qatar at the National Museum of Qatar on September 15, 2022. 

The new emblem features the historical Qatari symbols - the founder's sword, palm trees, sea and the traditional boat. All the historical symbols are in a maroon colour against a white backdrop. The emblem symbolises the country’s rich culture, preserving its heritage and bright future.

According to The Peninsula, the Director of the Government Communications Office, Sheikh Jassim bin Mansour bin Jabor Al Thani, affirmed that clarity in the message and visual identity is key to effective communication. He stated: "One of our primary objectives is to organise communication operations for various government agencies, but this cannot be accomplished without a truly effective communication system.” 

According to Gulf Times, Dr Mohamed Nuaimi a-Hajri, official spokesperson of the GCO, added: "The new Lusail font is distinguished by its historical significance, as it is derived from the original manuscripts written by the founder of Qatar, Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani, may God rest his soul. In parallel, the English font was inspired by Arabic calligraphy and hand movements."

The Government Communications Office published a video explaining the journey of the national emblem of the State of Qatar from 1966 to the present one on its Twitter account. 

The Jalboot

The Jalboot is the symbol of Qatari pride. The first traditional motor-powered boat, built in 1900 in Qatar, was owned by Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah Al Thani and was called ‘Fath Al-Khair’. It was used in pearl diving, fishing and trade. It played a key role in the Qatari economy as pearl-making was the major source of income in the country. The triangular sail symbolises the flag of the State of Qatar fluttering freely in the sea.

The Palm Trees

The palm trees used in the previous logo have been retained in the new emblem. It is inspired by the palm tree plantation located on the farm of the Grandfather Amir Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani, at Al Ashra. These trees symbolise bountifulness and generosity.

The Sword

The Founder’s sword is a symbol for Qataris to cherish and be proud of. It symbolises courage and strength associated with the wisdom of its owner. It is one of the most prominent pillars used in the state emblem. It was used to protect the land and honour. 

The Sea

The country’s history is tied to the sea and so it is one of the most prominent symbols of Qatari heritage where Qatar once found its wealth and livelihood. It was from the sea the State of Qatar build its economy in the past through the oldest customs like sailing, fishing and pearl diving. The waves have been drawn using the nine-pointed, serrated edges of the flag of Qatar, which also depicts the power of the sea. As a peninsula, the State of Qatar is surrounded by water on three sides, which also shows the importance of the sea in the economic development of the nation, which is represented by three lines of waves in the emblem.

The ‘Lusail’ font

A modern script called ‘Lusail’ was created based on the original manuscripts written by the founder Sheikh Jassim bin Muhammad bin Thani. English calligraphy is also inspired by Arabic calligraphy and hand movements. This font is known as ‘Lusail’, as the founder ran the country's affairs from Lusail and took residence there from the end of the 19th century until his death.

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