Sunday 18 September 2022

The singers behind the Arabic World Cup song ‘Arhbo’

 The FIFA 2022 album will include up to six songs, including the latest release “Arhbo.”

Qatar has released its Arabic song ‘Arhbo’ for the first ever FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022—which is now on the tongue of almost every Arab thanks to its catchy rhythm.

The song gained massive traction immediately after it was released and quickly surpassed 5 million views on all of Ooredoo’s social media channels.

The music video for the song, titled Arhbo, was made by Qatari director Mohamed Al Ibrahim and was produced by Katara Studios in Doha.

The track, which features well-known singers, was released to the public at the Lusail Super Cup game between Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal and Egypt’s Al Zamalek, which also marked the opening of the last and biggest World Cup stadium.

The uniqueness of the song is rooted in the selection of artists featured within it. The producers of the song were conscious not to choose cliched famous picks but rather focused on rising artists from different countries in the region to showcase the young talents.

So, who are the singers behind one of the most iconic World Cup songs yet? Let’s take a look at their career history and why they are the perfect choice for the song.

Nasser Al Kubaisi

Nasser Al Kubaisi, a young Qatari artist, launched his artistic career at the opening ceremony of the Asian Games, which were held in his country in 2006.

He sang at the ceremony as the youngest participant and just before turning 12 years old he appeared at the Coral Swar Theater, in which children performed to hundreds of attendees. Al Kubaisi succeeded in wooing the audience from a young age with his talent and angelic voice.

For the young artist, his latest work for his country has inspired him and served as an opportunity to portray a message that everyone is welcome in the Gulf nation.

“Culture and art are a major and important part of sports, as music and art are closely related to football. We in Qatar are preparing well for this event, as Qatari art will mark its presence inside and outside the stadiums,” he said.

“There will be singing and performances for the crowds. We will spare no effort to [do] our best to provide a rich and enjoyable experience for visitors to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022,” Al Kubaisi added.

Ayed Yousef

Popular Saudi Arabian singer and artist Ayed Yousef is best known for the song “Besm Al Elah,” which topped the Popnable charts for 3 consecutive weeks and reached the 62nd position as the ‘best effort’.

He was also one of the judges of Saudi Arabia’s first-ever singing talent program “Beat Me if You Can,” which was a huge success in the country.

His talents earned him a spot in the top charts for best Saudi Arabian musicians and artists in 2021.

Haneen Hussein

Haneen Hussein is a sensational rising Kuwaiti artist and singer who is well known for her greatest hit “Bravo Alek.”

The Kuwaiti song by the singer, along with Abdelaziz Lewis and Badr Al-Shuaibi has over 55 million views on YouTube and is the most popular song in the Arab world.

“My joy cannot be described by my participation in the song “Arhbo” for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Thank you to all those in charge of this magnificent work,” she said on her Instagram page after the song’s release.

(Source: Doha News)

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