Saturday 22 July 2017

I found my soulmate on my wedding day and no he wasn't my husband

Back in the year 2011, during my graduation days, I met Abhi (name changed) through a mutual friend. He was a typical Pisces — loving, charming, caring; a perfect boyfriend for any girl. On the other hand, I, a Sagittarian — flirtatious, funny, and selfish. We instantly connected and started dating.

For him, his world revolved around me, but for me too, my life revolved around myself.

You can call me a narcissist but I had my own reasons. We belonged to different castes and coming from a conservative family, I knew we didn't have a future together. But more importantly, I was a coward who didn't have the nerve to tell my parents about our relationship. I told him about this but he believed that he can change my perspective with his love.

Meanwhile, I kept my options open and started meeting and dating guys. But at every point, he was with me and I was very comfortable and happy with him. He was looking for love in marriage and I was looking for convenience.

During the course, I hurt him numerous times, but all he gave me was unconditional love.

Fast forward to the year 2016. My parents found a suitable prospect and with both families' approval, my marriage was fixed. But throughout the pre-marriage rituals, I had only one feeling – Confusion. I told Abhi about this and he was hurt again but he didn't stop me, for the beautiful soul he was.

I got married but still felt no emotions. Everything was just mechanical. On the day of my reception, I got dolled up and was standing on the stage with my husband. It was afternoon time, and under the scorching heat, I was sweating. All our families and relatives were present and suddenly, at that moment, I started crying. People blamed it on the heat, but I knew what was wrong.

I realized I had made a mistake by not marrying Abhi. He was my soulmate, he was my home, and he was where I belonged. His love had finally changed me.

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