Sunday 29 April 2018

Why ‘Louis’ has been chosen as the royal baby name

The baby’s full royal title will be His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge

Today Kensington Palace announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their third child Louis Arthur Charles.

The prospect of naming a newborn child can be very daunting for parents, so one can only imagine how the royal couple felt with the world waiting in anticipation for the big reveal.

The name of any baby born into the royal family typically bears a lot of historical significance.

The eldest of Prince William and Kate’s children, Prince George, is likely to eventually become the seventh monarch of that name to reign the nation, following the Queen’s father King George VI and grandfather King George V.

As for their second born Princess Charlotte, the decision over her name may have been inspired by her grandfather Charles, Prince of Wales, in addition to being the middle name of Kate’s sister, Pippa Matthews.

The name Louis is often associated with the French monarchy, with the last King of France Louis XVI ruling from 1774 until 1791.

However, the name also has many connections with the Mountbatten family of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Charles’ great-uncle and mentor, with whom he was particularly close, was called Lord Louis Mountbatten.

The royal baby’s father and brother both also share the name.

Louis was chosen as Prince William’s third middle name when he was born, while Prince George’s full name is George Alexander Louis.

It’s not just the royal baby's first name that’s been garnering attention.

At one point, Arthur was deemed as the most likely name for the baby with 2/1 odds.

However, it’s now been chosen as the baby’s middle name, followed by Charles in an obvious nod to his grandfather.

The legendary King Arthur obviously springs to mind when the name Arthur is mentioned.

Prince Charles, who also boasts Arthur as a middle name, was apparently so drawn to the name that he originally wanted to use it for his second son.

However, the late Princess Diana didn’t agree with his preference.

"Charles wanted to call his first son 'Arthur' and his second 'Albert', after Queen Victoria's consort. William and Harry were Diana's choices while her husband's preferences were used in their children's middle names," it states in the book Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words.

The two monikers ended up being used as middle names for Prince Harry and Prince William respectively.

Prior to 2012, the second son of Prince William and Kate would have been given the title of “Lord”.

However, an official ruling made by the Queen on December 31 2012 meant that all of the royal couple’s children would be named princes and princesses.

(Source: Independent)

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