Friday 30 March 2018

Crocs are cool again

Looking at what is considered fashionable today, it is clear that trends always come back into style.

First it was scrunchies, then Juicy Couture - now Crocs are making a comeback.

Always considered a divisive shoe, Crocs have officially come out on top and proven their place in the world of high-fashion - after Balenciaga’s $850 version of the shoe sold out before they were released.

Originally designed by Demna Gvasalia for Balenciaga, the foam-platform shoes took centre stage when they were introduced on the runway.

And now it appears they will be showing up on feet everywhere this season.

However, apart from a 10cm platform addition, it would be easy to mistake the new outrageously expensive Crocs for the now-retro ones of our childhoods.

Featuring the same pastel colours and buttons that can be attached for added flair, the Balenciaga Platform Crocs look almost identical to the real plastic-y slip-on Crocs you can purchase for a quarter of the price - but that hasn’t stopped people from going crazy over them.

With the Women Spring Summer 18 runway show, Balenciaga launches the “Foam” shoes, a 10 cm platform version of the iconic @Crocs clog.

— Balenciaga (@BALENCIAGA) October 1, 2017
The platform plastic shoes originally went on pre-sale on Barney’s website on February 1 - but within a matter of hours, all of the new and improved Crocs had sold out.

A lot of people are probably understandably confused, considering the comments and reactions from people mocking the shoes on Twitter when they were first introduced.

What a tragic era in fashion and it’s even worst that is from @BALENCIAGA

— • Kylo Blossom • (@KikeSalazar) October 2, 2017
The world is officially ending soon

— Busisiwe (@BusisiweThandoG) October 2, 2017
Burn Them All.
Balenciaga is Cancelled.

— No (@erisonic8) October 1, 2017
Despite the haters, Balenciaga has proved crocs can be cool - and worth $850.

(Source: Independent)


  1. Wow, what a fascinating read! It's truly incredible how fashion trends have this cyclical nature, where what's old becomes new again. I never thought I'd see the day when Crocs, those quirky and polarizing shoes from my childhood, would make a triumphant return in the world of high-fashion. The Balenciaga twist on them with a 10cm platform is both audacious and intriguing. It's amazing how a simple addition can completely transform the perception of a shoe.

    The fact that the Balenciaga Platform Crocs look so similar to the classic ones, right down to the pastel colors and customizable buttons, is quite amusing. I can see why people are going crazy over them, despite the hefty price tag. Fashion has a way of surprising us, and this is a prime example. Who would've thought that Crocs could walk the runway?

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