Thursday 10 September 2015

10 horrible things a mother-in-law always says

10 Horrible Things Every Indian Married Woman Has Heard From Her Mother-In-Law Once In Her Life

Just can't stop loving this website Akkar Bakkar. Here's one more, enjoy. Most of us, including me, have heard such dialogues from mother-in-law! 

There was a reason why Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi went on for over eight years in this country. It was the longest-running, biggest grossing serial in India once upon a time. The point is however modern we may have become as a society today, some things just never change, because they are just so deep rooted in our blood that it’s difficult to throw those habits out of the window now. One such horrible habit that India possesses is — curse of the mummy ji. It is depressing to even start thinking about what some females go through who are married into an Indian joint family. She must really run for her life.
This is just a small glimpse of the crucial relationship that a girl shares with her mother-in-law in India. Still! It’s shameful but true. Here are a few statements that every Indian daughter-in-law has heard at least once in her lifetime from her monster-in-law that’s made her hate her saas:

1. “You are the luckiest woman in the world to not only marry my son but also gain entry into such a prestigious family.”

What she means: You should thank God every single day! I am not sure why my son decided to even look at you considering you are not that pretty even. He is so handsome and good-looking while you are plain. Even his complexion is fairer than yours! And on top of that he has an Engineering degree. So what if he passed out in the bottom 5% and you in the top 5%?

2. “My son should be coming any minute from work now. He must be so tired.”

What she means: Imagine driving all the way to work, sitting in front of a computer and dealing with so many people and then driving all the way back. He must be under so much stress and feeling so hungry. I think you should change quickly and start preparing his dinner right away so that it will be hot and ready when he gets back home. Maybe you should first put away the groceries you shopped for on your way back from work which is just 20 miles away from home and all you have to do is talk to this person!

3. “Your daughter’s good looks, long hair, big eyes, sharp nose, smart brain, tall legs, dimple on the cheek and lastly but most importantly her fair complexion comes from my side of the family.”

What she means: Your daughter’s attitude, independence, forthrightness, stubbornness and everything seemingly  negative comes from YOUR side of the family.

4. “My daughter does all the work in her house. Her husband rarely helps. She has to cook, clean, do groceries, take care of the kids, look after the house and everything else.”

What she means: My poor daughter works so hard. Oh how she suffers! You are so lucky to have a husband who washes his coffee mug and picks his dish up after eating everyday.

5. “So what if I asked for your opinion? Having an opinion does not mean that you have one that goes against mine!”

What she means: Shut up!

6. “So what if you cook, clean, shop and take care of everything around the house. This house is yours, so you are doing no one a favour.”

What she means: Woe on you if you so much as insinuate that this house belongs to you. This house belongs to my son and he belongs to ME! The housework though belongs to you.

7. “Why would you need a maid to help you?”

What she means: So what if you work, have three kids, your husband and in-laws to take care of and can also pay the maid with your money. You should be independent enough to do your work by yourself. I do think we need to hire someone to do the lawn mowing my son does once every month. Now, that’s hard work!

8. “Your parents are visiting?”

What she means: Why do your parents feel the need to visit once every decade? Don’t they know your in-laws live with you?

9. “Don’t know why you have to insist on eating out once every week. The food isn’t good and is way too expensive.”

What she means: It’s so much better to eat at home — the food that you shop for, cook, serve and though it may be too salty for my taste, it’s after all home-cooked!

10. “We used to work so hard in our times.”

What she means: Women these days are so spoilt. All they want to do is look good, pursue a career and take care of themselves. How selfish can one be?

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