Sunday 3 January 2021

A women-only Bengaluru start-up is making straws from fallen coconut leaves

 A Bengaluru-based startup founded in 2018 is making eco-friendly straws named ‘Kokos Leafy Straws’, using dried coconut leaves, a report in The Logical Indian stated.

Evlogia Eco Care Private, founded by Manigandan Kumarappan, makes these eco-friendly straws of fallen coconut leaves.

Fallen coconut leaves are usually the residue left at many farms. The start-up collects discarded coconut leaves from the farms, which makes straws after the leaves go through a rigorous cleaning process.

These straws are sturdy and remain intact in liquid for a long duration. The midribs that hold the leaves are used to make brooms.

Employment of women

The startup employs 15 women, all hailing from nearby areas and economically poor background. The entire manufacturing process, from leaf collection to the final product, is taken care of by these women.

The products are exported to countries such as Canada, Australia, Germany and UAE.

The company makes 10,000 straws per day.

(Source: India Times)

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