Tuesday 16 April 2019

Mayor: Several major artifacts saved from fire

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said in a tweet that major art pieces and sacred items from Notre Dame were saved from the fire.

"Thanks to the @PompiersParis, the police and the municipal agents," Hidalgo tweeted, "the Crown of Thorns, the Tunic of Saint Louis and several other major works are now in a safe place."
The cathedral is home to numerous artifacts, works of art and religious relics, each telling a story.

The Crown of Thorns is a relic of the passion of Christ.Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images
After the devastating fire tore through the cathedral on Monday, toppling its spire, many feared the items -- collected over the centuries -- might be lost. It was unclear how many had been saved.

Click here to take a look at some of the most famous items that the Paris cathedral is home to, including several sacred artifacts, including the Crown of Thorns, a fragment of the "true cross" on which Jesus was crucified, and one of the nails used by Romans to crucify Christ.

(Source: CNN

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