Saturday 10 August 2019

Kerala man’s poignant gesture for cancer-stricken wife defines true love

The bond Shaan Ibraahim Badhshah and his wife Shruthi will not only touch your heart but also reinstate your faith in the power of love.

How far would you go in the name of love? Romeo-Juliet, Heer-Ranjha and Laila-Majnu are iconic examples of star-crossed lovers, who stood united against the world and even went to the extent of sacrificing their lives. However, finding similar examples in today’s date and time not only seems like a fantasy but also near implausible!

However, the bond between Thrissur native Shaan Ibraahim Badhshah and his wife Shruthi, will not only touch your heart but also reinstate your faith in the power of love.
Courtesy: Shaan Ibraahim Badhshah.

The beginning of Shruthi and Shaan’s relationship was just like every other college love story—the guy meets the girl in unlikely circumstances, and they fall in love with each other. Eventually, they decided to get married.

Unfortunately, Shruthi was diagnosed with cancer shortly after the wedding. While the disease is known to tear people and families apart, Shaan chose to stand by his wife and ensured that her treatment was progressing well. In fact, he even went the extra mile and tonsured his head along with Shruthi when her hair started falling.

Shruthi has just finished her ninth chemotherapy session, and the couple recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

To mark the occasion, Shaan shared a poignant post about their relationship, along with a painting of their tonsured visages, on Facebook.

Courtesy: Shaan Ibraahim Badhshah.
“It all started with a hibiscus flower. She was the girl who came to me with a challenge on the first day of my college life. I was challenged to walk through the college verandah by wearing the flower over my ear. I told her that I would if a certain girl would hold my hand and walk along with me. From that day, Shruthi has become the beautiful hibiscus blossom in my life.

Shruthi first became my red blossom, then my companion, love and my life. She supported me when I struggled to set up life, and conquered me with her love. To honour her love, I gifted a ‘minnu’ (mangalsutra) and made her mine. A petal of the blossom which filled our lives with its sweet smell has fallen – a year of togetherness. It was a year of realisations; the first year of our journey called life. Happy wedding anniversary Priya Sakhi,” the post concluded.

To fund Shruthi’s treatment, Shaan has been putting his artistic talent to optimal use by making breathtaking paintings.

If you wish to help the couple by purchasing the artworks or through some form of monetary aid, you can reach out to Shaan here.

(Source: TBI)

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