Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Who was Haseena Parkar?

Before Shraddha Kapoor steps into the shoes of Haseena, here's all you need to know about Dawood Ibrahim's sister, Haseena Parkar.

Haseena Parkar was the sister of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, who rose to power in the world of crime when her husband Ibrahim Parkar was gunned down by Arun Gawli's gang in 1991. Dawood avenged his brother-in-law's death by orchestrating the infamous JJ Hospital shootout in 1991, while Haseena rose from the ashes of her grief to become the undisputed underworld queen.

After the incident, Haseena shifted to the Gordon Hall Apartments in Nagpada, which became the headquarters for her crime syndicate. While Haseena insisted to the police and court that she was not in touch with her brother, she in fact, began overseeing Dawood's business in Mumbai. Reportedly, she owned undeclared assets valued at Rs 5000 crore.

Known locally as Haseena Aapa, she was allegedly involved in hawala rackets to transfer money from the Middle-east to India and vice versa. She was reported to be negotiating overseas rights of Bollywood films, and even had a role to play in Mumbai's Slum Redevelopment Authority's (SRA) projects. Haseena was the go-to person for builders when they needed "permission" from slum dwellers to redevelop their plot. She was the final authority when it came to cable wars - she would decide territories of cable operators, and no one dared encroach into another's territory. She also settled construction and property disputes in return for a hefty cut. Haseena gave orders from the shadows, while her trusted aide Salim Patel executed them.

The Indian Express quotes author Hussain Zaidi saying, "Parkar was mostly berated as she was Dawood's sister. The picture media reports carried was far from the actual person she was. In my first interaction with her, I didn't stand up when she walked into the room. Her house help asked why I didn't stand. I simply told her it would have been out of fear and not genuine respect. She smiled and accepted the answer. I often found her to have a totally different side to what was reported in the media." Parkar, who wrote the book Dongri To Dubai about the underworld in Mumbai, said that Haseena told him that Dawood too was "bad as he is made out to be." Haseena had reportedly said, "One must know there are many false cases too slapped on him."

Haseena lost her eldest son Danish, who was reported to be Dawood's favourite nephew, in a car crash in 2006. Haseena, who was said to be the most tailed member of Dawood's family, passed away from a cardiac arrest in July 2014. She was survived by her three other children, two daughters and a son named Alishah.

(Source: India Today)

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