Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Dear parents, check the nurseries and schools thoroughly before sending your children

Dear parents,

Be extra careful and extra cautious about where you send your little ones. The news of a 3-year-old little girl being molested at a playhome in Bangalore has appeared in several newspapers.

Got this message from the girl's parents on WhatsApp:

This is to inform you that our 3.5year old kid, studying in nursery - kidzee bellandur complained about pain in her private part and after some questioning informed that Manju Bhaiya in her school put his finger.

We were shocked and immediately took her to school, and met Dr. Veena (principal/director). The baby identified Manju bhaiya in person and told the entire incident 5-6 times consistently to Sneha, Preetha and Dr. Veena.

While we were in Sakra to get her checked, Dr. Veena blatantly refused to file FIR and defended Manju!

We filed FIR through the hospital, and got the man arrested the same night. But to our surprise, Dr. Veena called us and started Pleading us to release him!

Manjunath is in jail under non bailable offence, but you never know how many more kids have been through "this" in last 8years since the guy is working there.

We urge you to check with your wards, if they know him coz. if they DO then it is anyway a NEGLIGENCE as no men are allowed in the school!

We have raised the matter with KIDZEE zonal GM Mr. Kingston and he has promised us an action plan by tomorrow (20th February 2017).

Our 1st request from them is to inform all kidzee parents about this, so they can check with their children n get counseled. We were lucky that no major physical harm happened to our kid.

Our 2nd request is to file a case of negligence against Kidzee bellandur. As she failed in every aspect to prove to be worthy of managing a school of such young kids.

We will be meeting more parents tomorrow at the gate at 9am to ensure that parents know about this.

Please feel free to msg us at bindubhatia2012@gmail.com for more details.

Bindu and Harish Bhatia

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