Saturday, 18 February 2017

7 annoying habits of a mother-in-law

Yes, her title is ‘mother’ but she possesses no quality of a mom. She is always conspiring against you with your husband and father-in-law. Your marriage with her son gives your mother-in-law the license to exploit you and to herself act like a queen. She is never contented with your work and looks for flaws in everything you do. Lets find out what evil genius Mummy-ji’s have in store for their unsuspecting daughter in laws.

MILs are very intrusive and many times childish in nature. Their troublesome nature is a great source of frustration for wives. Most wives who face this problem try to involve their husband for solving it. When the son requests her to change her behavior, she calls him messenger of the wife or joroo ka ghulam, whom she outranks. Following are some of the habits of MILs that can really ruin your happy life:

Maa Da Laadla
1. She pretends to be the most caring lady in your husband’s life.  She claims to be the only lady who loves and cares for him and believes that you take him for granted. Of course, she loves him but why does she have to have an edge over you? No comparisons, please!

2. She treats him like a small child. This one is really annoying. She calls him shona, baby, jaan, and what not. Even a wife would not call him with these names in front of others.

3. She eats after you eat, not because she cares for you but because she waits for you to cook and eat. She sits on table as if she is your guest and it is your duty to serve her. She inspects every work you do and chastises you if you put your feet up for five minutes.

Grandchild Monopoly
4. She pressurizes you every now and then to have a kid when you have already planned it for a later stage. If you have a child, then it’s already her property. She may not be able to manage him or her but still wants to keep him away from you.

Nosy Neighbour
5. She asks your husband and you a thousand questions before you go out for dinner, a function, shopping or anything.  She loves poking her nose in all your affairs. She is very possessive about her son and cannot see him enjoy his life with you. Some sense of insecurity is always haunting her.

6. She always advises you about respecting your husband. Well, that’s none of her business. When you don’t interfere in her personal life, why should she?

Financial Checks
7. She cribs when you shop for yourself. How can you waste money like this? You need to save for your family and future. You won’t even realize when she had already told your husband and father-in-law about your purchases.

(Source: India Opines)

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