Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Dear ex-boyfriend: A letter to let you know that he resembles you but he's not you

Dear Ex Boyfriend,

I remembered you today. Blame it on the day or the overdose of sweetness around but then, I remembered you. I know, I promised myself that I would not think of you again.

But then promises are meant to be broken. At least that is what you taught me, a long long time ago.

No, I don't miss you. You never miss a person whose presence you don't want in your life. But you brought back a few memories. No, not those chocolates and roses. Neither those meaningless poems of honey coated lethal words of love.

But you reminded me of the first time I realised that I was in love with you. The weakening of knees and the cranking of my neck every time to catch your glimpse. The counting of heartbeats of when you will call out my name and the extreme eruption of jealousy when you spoke to another girl for more than three minutes. I know, when it happened with you I was young, way too young and clueless about the feeling of love.

And today, I am mature and heartbreaks have washed off the unreal shimmer of such feelings.

But you know what is common between that day and today? I had loved you with all my innocence and with all my heart. And today when he came with his boyish charm and smiled, all the bitterness that I have amassed about love all this while simply seemed to evaporate. His childish laughter and his dimple, just like the ones you had. And the way he looked into my eyes freezing my gaze over the territories of a forgotten love just made me realise that I still was capable of loving. Of being loved.

Dear Ex Boyfriend, just remember that he did not make me think of you. But of a love I deserve. He may resemble you in a few ways, but he is not you. Hopefully not.
And I will love him, just the way I loved you.

By the way, Happy Valentines Day. For old time's sake. And the new ones that await.

Just heard from a mutual friend that you had been asking about me.

— Your Ex Girlfriend who is no longer in love with you.

(Source: AkkarBakkar)

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