Sunday, 19 February 2017

How men made me hate my 35-kilo weight loss

Women always want to shed those extra kilos. Here's a story of a woman, published on Odd Naari, who could digest the biggest, cheesiest burger in the world, but not the fact that suddenly she was being treated like Cinderella by all the 'princes' out there.

Unlike most women who want to shed weight to fit into certain fancy clothes, my weight loss journey began for extremely different reasons. I wasn't in a happy relationship and so I decided to channelize all that frustration at the gym.

What actually started as a vent for my angst against a man made me detest the whole breed altogether. Here's why

I Fell In--HATE With My Partner
If at all that's possible. From being the man who wouldn't call me for weeks together, he became the obsessive Rahul Mehra (Shah Rukh Khan) from Darr, who would call me hundred times a day. My friends say it was insecurity, but what if the poor soul was only trying to check if I hadn't died from all that weight loss?

I had always craved for his attention, but getting it for all the wrong reasons was never on my mind.

He Also Underwent a Transformation: From Boyfriend To Naani
My weight loss, it seemed, had a deeper impact on him than on me--because all of a sudden he assumed the role of my naani in life. Lunch dates became more frequent. In fact, they became all about force-feeding me with the cheesiest pizzas to oil-laden bhaturas.

A few months and a drunk conversation later, I realized it was because he wanted me to fatten me up so that other guys would stay away. Whatever happened to my personality and the kind of person I was? On a serious note, it was heartbreaking and needless to say, relationship-breaking too.

Entering the Single's Club= Reality-Check About The Opposite Sex
Up until now, I had only associated men with love and friendship. Because that's how frequently and conveniently I used to be friend-zoned by almost all of them. But things suddenly took a 360-degree turn. Most men (by most, I mean 99.99% of men) who approached me wanted everything, but friendship.

The Men I Knew Burnt The Last Bridge
There was a sudden splurge of flirty texts from male friends I had known for years. That was confusing and shocking (because I wasn't used to that kind of attention at all--at least not from them), but it also kicked in a sense of betrayal. Not to mention, I lost a lot of friends.

Even at the gym, there were friendly gestures from guys who never paid attention to me before. Suddenly the instructors also started taking a lot more interest in my workouts.

And The Ones I Didn't Know Added Fuel to the Fire
Forget the male friends and suitors, the men I didn't know at all would stare at me as if I was the only woman left on the face of the earth.

The Older Ones Were a Disappointment Too
You expect some maturity when it is the middle-aged men you are dealing with. Barring my father, every uncle in the family thought that my weight loss was my wedding pass. I suddenly became the ideal bride for their sons and their friends' sons too. Which by the way, never happened in my heavier days.

So Were The Young Boys Who Would Grow Up to be Men
Every time I'd walk the streets of my colony, I could hear little boys murmuring "moti, moti". Post my weight loss, not only did that stop, but their priorities changed from playing cricket in the colony to delivering roses from few stalkers here and there.

Yes, I like attention, but if it's for all the wrong reasons, I don't want it at all.

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