Thursday, 9 February 2017

Raped by 12 ISIS terrorists before escape, Yazidi sex slave tells her story

A woman who was repeatedly raped by ISIS thugs after they stormed her village said girls as young as nine were enslaved by the terror group.

Nadia Murad escaped from her captors after three months, but said more than 6,500 women and girls have been taken and abused.
Nadia Murad was 19 when she was captured by ISIS thugs, and raped by 12 men

She was 19 when she captured when the Iraqi area of Sinjar fell to the extremists in August 2014.

Before her escape, she was raped by 12 men. Since fleeing to Germany, she has travelled the world raising awareness of the plight of Yazidi women enslaved by ISIS.

Speaking to STV News on a visit to Scotland, where she met First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, she said: 'They took children to training camps and they were killing many others, telling us we would be enslaved.

'We didn't feel valued as humans in their hands. They enslaved more than 6,500 females they took them to different places.

'They did what they want to the women and my fate was the same. I was one of the victims and they did everything to us.'

And recounting the horrific treatment she suffered, Nadia said: 'They separated any woman over nine years old and were enslaving them they forced us to change our religion and they did everything they wanted to us.

'We were subjected to crimes to their hands that nobody can mention what they did for us.'

She saw young girls being traded as sex slaves, and was raped and tortured on a daily basis.

Nadia, who has addressed the UN General Assembly, said the Yazidi people captured by ISIS were told they could convert to Islam or be executed, but young girls and women were selected for horrific abuse.
International lawyer Amal Clooney (left) is fighting to bring ISIS to the International Criminal Court

Young girls and women were also taken by extremists as sex slaves.

She and her two sisters were enslaved, but her mother was executed as she was considered 'too old'.
The activist has called for world leaders to do more to help victims of religious persecution, and hit out at Donald Trump over his controversial border control measures.

Nadia said: 'In general world leaders are supposed to know there are many people who need protection.

'This is something real and this is happening for more than 3500 females - they are being subjected to more than what I have been subjected to.

'I know what is happening to them and every minute I am thinking about them.

'Donald Trump should know religious minorities are persecuted everywhere. He should not close his borders to those who need help.'

(Source: Daily Mail)

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