Sunday, 13 November 2011

Fun at Doha Park

It was a place replete with fun, frolic and excitement at Doha Park, an entertainment facility, temporarily built near Doha Exhibition Center. We went twice to see the Park, once when it kicked off and now, yesterday, i.e., on November 11. Yesterday, Umer joined us and we had a great time together.
Entrance to the park
The event had participants from those countries, which have large local expatriate population, besides several other local artists. Teams from the GCC nations -- Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, India and the Philippines -- are among the visiting participating contingents.

 When we went there for the first time, there were cultural shows of more than two nationalities at the entertainment pavilion.

Circus artists from Egypt, represented by Hellou team, hugely popular in the region, are also there to entertain the visitors.
 There are eateries operated by different nationalities and we had some snacks at Bombay Chowpatty.

 It was fun to see the rides and other entertainment avenues at the park.

Adding to the attraction, there are several stalls selling readymade clothes, household goods, perfumes, bags, furniture, pets and other essentials. During our first visit, Vij bought three lovely perfumes for himself and this time, I bought three perfumes for myself, while Vij bought another one for himself. Umer bought leather hand gloves from a Pakistan shop. 

Stall where we bought some nice perfumes...

As part of the festival literary, art and cultural competitions are also available for schoolchildren.
The entry to the park is free and the facilities are open every day at 3 pm and the gates will close at 12 midnight. During weekends, the park will be open till 2 am.

Cops with nice bikes...

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