Monday, 14 November 2011

Bangalore in 1946 – Rare Photographs

Today, Vij sent me a mail which had some rare photographs of Bangalore.

Does this frame look familiar??? It should.

This is BRIGADE ROAD. The left hand side building is still standing, and housed Ashok Electricals, Post Office, now it is the LEE and Louis Phillipe showroom. The road hasn’t got any bigger, but the traffic and the crowd definitely has.

2Any guesses what it is called now?? MG ROAD. The building you are seeing is the Higginbothams bookstore.
The town hall area….
This strong stone building is now only known as the Oriental Building( presently houses the LIC)
and is at the intersection of MG Road ( then called as, South Parade) and St. Marks Road.
There apparently was a large circle at this juncture as can be seen in the photograph. The road you are looking at is St. Marks Road.

The below picture is of Hosur Road, the  present day electronics, IT and BPO Hub.
4aThis is the Mayo hall.
5It sure looks much more regal than what it does today. It housed courts and was apparently also one of the main police stations.
Observe something??
7The licence plate shows BAN565   suggests that there were under 1,000 cars in Bangalore in 1946 or in the entire state ( then known as the state of Mysore ).

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