Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Kangana Ranaut sister Rangoli acid attack story will melt your heart!

Kangana Ranaut has always been one strong woman. Whether it's her roles or her personal life, Kangana has always been as strong as a consort battleship herself. But there's someone even stronger behind her. They say behind every successful man, there is a woman. And behind Kangana, there's her sister Rangoli Ranaut. Someone who's gone through so much in her life and returned a survivor.

With an inspirational tale of survival, in a recent interview Kangana's sister Rangoli opened up about the dreaded incident when an obsessed lover thre acid on her face and the severe trauma she had to go through. But then again, she clearly retorts, 'He could not ruin my life." True that. Today, she manages Kangana's work and has a family of her own.

Talking about the episode, Rangoli told the portal, "Acid permeates into the skin if untreated. So immediate medical help can only control it. If it is stronger, it destroys your organs. I have lost one ear. I have lost 90% vision in one of my eyes. I have a dysfunctional breast. And all this is after I got the best possible treatment in the country.

Acid attack is not a regular accident.

When it happened, I was unable to breathe because my windpipe was shrinking. Scars were the last thing on my mind then. I didn’t have the courage to face a mirror for three months. I was shaken up. My prerogative was struggling for my life because both my food and wind pipe were severely damaged. I was in the hospital for a month and I underwent multiple surgeries during that time. Everyday I was taken to the operation theatre for something or the other."

While plastic surgeries did come to her rescue but that too wasn't an easy task. "Plastic surgery is not so easy. It doesn’t give you a new face. I had to get skin from thighs and get grafting done. It took 57 surgeries. The physical pain was excruciating and at 23 the mental trauma was painful. Kangana was a struggler back then but she brought me here. My parents couldn’t bear seeing at me in that scene then."

(Source: Speaking Tree)

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