Monday, 27 March 2017

Stoke Newington florist sells sticks for up to £18... despite being minutes from park

A florist in a trendy corner of east London has started selling sticks for up to £18 – despite being located yards away from a park.

Broadcaster Jeremy Vine shared a photo on Twitter of a selection of sticks and empty jam jars taken at Botanique, sparking a flurry of jokes on social media.

Located in Stoke Newington Church Street, the “artisan store and flower shop” is just down the road from Clissold Park.

One customer told the Standard: "They vary in price from £12 to £18 and they are decorative.

"Everything else is quite reasonably priced for Stoke Newington."

The image was originally taken by food writer Debora Robertson who tweeted: “There is a new shop in Stoke Newington selling sticks because of course there is.

“For those asking, the Stoke Newington sticks start at £12.

“The sticks have no magic powers as far as I know.”

She added : “They have some very nice things, as well as the sticks.”

Jennifer Earle wrote in response: “The gentrification is complete.”

“Sometimes I feel like stokey has turned into a clichéd comedy sketch,” wrote another follower.

Andrea Norrington shared a photo of a chewed-up piece of wood, writing: “Looks like the dog has just chewed at least a tenners worth of stick.”

“Hipsters will buy any old tat as long as it's pricey & artisan,” joked Dawn Jagdev.

Kevin Liddy wrote: “That stick in the middle is exactly the one I've been looking for. Thanks for the heads up.”

But Alice Howard from Botanique said the sticks were worth the money and happy customers had included author and journalist Fleur Britten.

She said: "These aren't just any sticks. Even our shop dogs Goose and Bertie know not to touch them.

"They look quite nice displayed on a wall if you're into that kind of thing, I have a fair few at home.

"We had some as a shop display in our other shop on Exmouth Market for a while and we sold plenty.

"Sadly I haven't made my display of them to show them in use at the Stoke Newington shop yet so now here I am defending my top dollar stick collection."

Last year, a Muswell Hill interior design shop was mocked for selling painted logs at £10 each.

Customers could also bag a bargain by shelling out £15 for two or £50 for the entire batch.

(Source: Evening Standard)

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