Wednesday, 29 March 2017

No CCTV, No cashier; but customers keep this Makkah bakery business from going bust

Collecting money from customers without fail is the essence of business. For that you need a cashier at the ‘point of sale’. The practice dates back to centuries if not millenniums. And then came cameras to watch out for the troublemakers and shoplifters. Having a camera, or sense of a camera kept tricksters from performing their art.

But a bakery owner in Makkah defies all these norms. No camera, no cashier. A cash box reminiscent of charity box makes people pay and at the end of the month owner gets more or less what he expects.

“Take what you want, and pay what you want” is what drives the owner Ghazi Hassan Tass, according to Al

The site further reports that the income of the bakery went up after they got rid of the cashier.

The owner also says people proved that they were trustworthy and that the idea was successful.

He went further: “Whoever cannot afford the bread is welcome to take it for free and whoever doesn’t have the amount, can pay the next time.”

He concludes that the experiment proved successful after a year and a half into the implementation.

(Source: The Peninsula)

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