Sunday, 15 January 2017

A poem to describe the helplessness of an Indian bride

I Wish I Was Not Born As A Daughter 

Glittering shining from head to toe
I just took the wedding vows
Surrounded by faces all new
My eyes wandered looking for you

Wanted you to hold me tight
Saw you smiling with teary eyes
Few moments ago, I belonged to you

Now I have a family completely new
You hugged me and wiped my tears
You never looked so weak all these years
I wanted to say let’s go home
But soon realized I have a new home
I wished I could never leave you today

But tradition is above us they say
I wished so much this day could have come little late
But then how can I fight my fate
You never made me feel this, mother
But today I wish I was not born as a daughter.

p.s.: Every Indian wedding that I ever attend, I cry seeing the bride. It's true! It's such an unsettling feeling, I can't even imagine how it must feel. It's like giving up on being a daughter of one house to be the daughter-in-law of another house. It's has "in-law" in the name for crying out loud, how can such a relationship feel like family?

(Source: Akkarbakkar)

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